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Safari Zoo celebrates its 10th anniversary (VIDEO)

In 2019, Safari celebrates its 10th anniversary. Exactly 10 years ago we opened the doors to the first guests. For the city by the sea, Safari located in the Ukrainian steppe became a real diamond, in which you could not only see exotic animals from different parts of our planet, but also just have a wonderful time walking along the green and flowering alleys of the park. The first inhabitants of the Safari were predators: lions, tigers, Himalayan bears. Later they were joined by birds, rodents, numerous primates, representatives of camel, dwarf horses and reptiles. Year after year, Safaris grew, developed and built. Animals became more and more, many kids appeared. 2014 gave the zoo two beautiful giraffes Tambu and Yaya. The girls heroically overcame the difficult path from the Czech Republic to Ukraine. Especially for them was already built giraffe, where they feel great at any time of the year. In 2016, a white lion named Belushi appeared in the zoo and immediately became a real star of social networks. In addition to him, in the same year we were visited by zebras from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. And in general, 2016 was a turning point in the biography of our zoo, after 7 years from the date of discovery, we were awarded the title “The Best Zoo of Ukraine”. A world-famous resource TripAdvisor, based on the ratings and reviews of visitors, marked us with the Quality Certificate as the best place that travelers recommend visiting in Berdyansk. We have become the pride and business card of our native city. In 2017, we began the construction of a multi-storey aviary - a summer residence for small primates, rodents and birds. Climbing to the top floor you can see a Safari from a bird's eye view. In the same year, our Safari family was replenished with new small primates (marmoses and tamarins), a miniature kitty serval, a pair of blue and yellow macaws and a flock of pink flamingos. In 2018, marsupials arrived in Safari: kangaroos and wallabies. In the same year, the white lioness Azira and the Frenchman became parents for the third time and the third year in a row, breaking all previously known records for predators. We maintain friendly relations with several dozens of European zoos, thanks to which the Safari constantly pleases and surprises the guests with novelties. In addition, the plans include the development of diplomatic relations outside Europe and the Eurasian continent as a whole. What will bring us the 10th anniversary year, you will very soon learn from the pages of our site and social networks: azovzoo.com www.instagram.com/azov_zoo/ www.facebook.com/azovzoo Well, it's better to see everything with your own eyes. We always welcome guests and work 356 days a year, seven days a week! Welcome to the Safari!



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