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In the lion's pride replenishment

Friends, our zoo is replenished in a lion pond. Malay Lion's Mom gave birth to three kids. To date, the Safari has a family of 20 adult lions, which almost every year give offspring in the form of several kittens. For 15 years, 58 lions have appeared in the Safari, and this suggests that the climate and the atmosphere of our zoo are also suitable for them. After all, the predators are rather ambitious and capricious in this regard. If they are not comfortable, they do not aspire to the continuation of the genus. We love them and take care of them as children. From the first months they feed their milk according to the regime, if suddenly the mother refused from the kids. And in this case it is better to re-insure and take them out of the general cage so that adult lions do not accidentally harm the babies. But, literally in a month, these newborn kittens will jump and play in their own separate territory. And you can come and get acquainted with them.