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Autumn event in Safari

Dear friends and fans of Safari! With the advent of the velvet season, we traditionally hold an annual action in the Berdyansk Safari Zoo, which starts on September 15 and will last until September 30 of this year.
The uniform ticket price for all these days will be only 100 hryvnia. Who wanted to, but did not have time to visit us in the summer, now have an excellent opportunity to catch up.
New animals, birds, and the opportunity to see the park from a bird's-eye view will brighten up your day and add new bright colors and impressions.
We invite all adults and children to touch nature and socialize and look at our pets.
We remind you that animals can not be fed with the food you brought with you. This you can harm them by ignorance. And of course, follow the rules of the zoo's behavior, which you can read <link en visitors zoo-policies.html>here or directly at the entrance to the zoo.