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About white cubs and photos

Our kids were born very recently - this spring. You remember, we told and showed them to you in yaselkah and on pens and next to my mother.

After several months, i.е. now they are already running briskly, exploring the territory and teaching their mothers lessons on tiger skills.

Many of you ask: - Is it possible to be photographed with cubs?

Answer: -You can not take a picture!

There are very good reasons for this, such as the presence of Azira's mother. And she, I must say, a very good mom! He cares very much about his kids, protects them from everything and everyone, and, of course, will not allow anyone to come to them with a cannon shot.

Therefore, excuse us dear friends and guests of the Safari. The Tigers are quite a separate family, and we can only observe them from the outside.

Believe me, this is no less interesting and more secure.



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