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Amil Amir and Ariella four months later

Our white tigress Azira actually like all tigers, the first months of holding close to their kids. Three of them - two boys and a girl. During the first month after birth, we have the tradition to hold contests on social networks, and our readers have suggested the top three kids very original names with oriental notes, which correspond to their historical homeland Bengal (now it's part of the territory divided between the two countries - Bangladesh / India ).
Cubs are active  and eat well already real food for predators means the meat, play and go kind of education in the mother's school.

If you carefully observe them, you can see how Mom lovingly refers to them, controls, to avoid conflicts and at the same time teaches some specific knowledge tiger.

We can only guess what they were saying, but it is clear that the family have a strong and real. Although already after some time, the kids have to find their own territory. All tigers are usually inherently loners and do not like the company of their own kind. Only procreation transforms them for a while in the loving parents and caring mothers.

And our Azira just perfect mom! This can be seen with the naked eye. Do you agree? ;)



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