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Lisa-hunter (3 months)

Фото Лисы, маленькой львицы зоопарка «Сафари», Бердянск

Time is running Lisa is growing, and now it is! Belushi will catch up soon, but for now trains at the ducks! A small pond was a favorite place of walks for our Belushi  when he was at the age of Lisa. He often liked to come and put his white paws on the fence to watch the cranes. But in the month of May is considerably increased Indian runners. So Lisa is very interested in  to hunt waterfowl, and not just watch them.

Thank God, mesh closes the passage, but the brave hunter realized that she can make a tunnel and thus to enter into the territory of birds. It cunning like a fox, our Lisa. No wonder they say, like a ship called so it will float.