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In the family of meerkats were born two babies

Фото малышей сурикатов зоопарка «Сафари», Бердянск

1 September, when many of you were busy with chores 1st school day with pop stars, flowers and traditional school photo sessions, we have taken birth.

Yes Yes! We again replenishment! :) The family of meerkats who came to us a little less than a year ago, took a birth two wonderful kids.

Today, it was exactly two weeks. As you can see, they are constantly with their mother, who gives them tender motherly hugs and protects. And if it were even kissing or something, if I may say so.

Other members of the family instinctively guarded the entrance to the house from intruders. It is clear that there  completely safe, but the animals rely more on their natural instinct and caution. No wonder they are called the guardians of the desert, where they came from. After all, the harsh reality and their predators lie in wait for  use every minute of carelessness, to catch and eat them.



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