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White bengal tiger cubs

Малыши Азиры и Француза

In late June, in our zoo we had three wonderful Bengal tiger in a family of white tigers Azir and French. For a long time Mom did not admit even to look at the crumbs protecting them from everyone and everything. Now they have 2 months, they opened their sky-blue eyes and playfully running around in their home for the transparent glass, where you can watch them freely.

Some time ago we asked you to help us choose a name for the baby, and today we are pleased to announce you that the baptism took place, and the two boys were named Amir and Amil, and the girl was named Ariella.

We want to invite our guests to our readers two Safari Public social networks are called cubs offered by these names.

Olesya Nagnibeda suggested name Ariella and Maxim Gaponenko names Amil (lord, lord) and Amir (prince, Prince).

In our opinion this is a very successful, authentic name that will bring good health and happiness of our kids with pink paws.



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