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Housewarming the White Lion (Video)

At the lion Belushi housewarming! Our young white king moved from a two-room apartment, which he shared with Lester. Now he is a full-fledged and sole...

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Акция посвященная светлому празднику Пасхи

Бердянский зоопарк «Сафари» предпринимателя Игоря Кальченко проводит акцию, посвященную светлому празднику Пасхи. С 6 апреля по 15 апреля 2018г....

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A week before spring. Have you missed?

Until the beginning of spring, there is one week left, but our newborn babies just can not wait to run and walk on the street. And all the pets of our...

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In the family of llamas replenishment

The first winter babies appeared in the family of the lan guanaco literally on the eve of spring. The pregnancy of lamas lasts almost a year and, as a...

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Who are the red-handed tamarins

We are often asked, what kind of new animals are they? Are they monkeys or bears or some other kind? We answer, tamarins are small monkeys of the...

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Happy New Year!

Still slightly and behind will remain in 2017. It was both complex and at the same time good for us, and the whole team of Safari. We had a lot of...

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In our zoo Safari settled blue-yellow macaw

In our friendly family Safari, new tenants are here - this wonderful blue-winged pair of yellow-blue ara. As most birds of long-livers, parrots of...

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New in Safari - long-legged cats serval

Recently, a couple of long-legged cats came to our friendly Safari family. It is believed that of all kinds of predatory cats, they are best adapted...

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Happy birthday Mufasa

Exactly one year ago, in our lion family was born a boy Mufasa.

Today the young king celebrates his first birthday.

A year ago he was more like a...

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Happy Birthday Igor Leonidovich!

The collective of the Zoo "Safari" congratulates on the 55th anniversary of our esteemed leader Igor Kalchenko.

We would like to wish you great...

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