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Новорожденный птенец уникального белоголового сипа (видео)

В нашем обществе существует много стереотипов, в том числе о зоопарках. И один из них это тот, в котором идет речь о размножении животных и птиц в...

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Первое поколение малышей Муфасы и Лисы (видео)

В этом году появилось на свет первое поколение малышей Муфасы и Лисы.

Те, кто регулярно читают наши новости на сайте и в социальных сетях прекрасно...

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Возвращение домой в Африку

Мы с гордостью рады сообщить, что 5 наших годовалых львят Рыжая, Буба, Красавица, Белла и Хич переедут жить на свою историческую родину Африку. Их...

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Safari Zoo celebrates its 10th anniversary (VIDEO)

In 2019, Safari celebrates its 10th anniversary. Exactly 10 years ago we opened the doors to the first guests. For the city by the sea, Safari...

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Promotion from 25.05 to 09.06!

Friends, this year we celebrate our 10th birthday! In this regard, we are holding another campaign for our countrymen of Berdyans and residents of...

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In the lion's pride replenishment

Friends, our zoo is replenished in a lion pond. Malay Lion's Mom gave birth to three kids. To date, the Safari has a family of 20 adult lions, which...

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Spring Promotion in Safari

Friends, traditionally at this time of the year we are holding an action for the residents of Berdyansk and Berdyansk district. These days, a single...

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New tenants in Safaris: gold-headed tamarins and white ostriches Rhea (video)

Friends, we are pleased to inform you about the new animals that have received registration in the Safari. This time, our zoo was supplemented with...

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Kangaroo divide territory (video)

Spring is the time of awakening, the time of activity and the struggle for territory for walking. Our kangaroos decided to face off. Therefore, in the...

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Spring mood

Friends, we are often asked a question in social networks about the cost of tickets. We inform you that since last year the cost of tickets has not...

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