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We always find what you are interested in! In related news, we cover the most important events and the history of the zoo. It is the arrival of new pets, the birth of the animals, and unique shots with them and their parents, as the first steps of small baby animals, and more.

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Life here is in full swing, so there is always something going on!

The action dedicated to the 190th anniversary of Berdyansk

Dear friends, from 9 to 19 September we are holding an action dedicated to the 190th anniversary of our beloved city of Berdyansk.

The uniform...

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Action to the day of knowledge!


Specially for the day of knowledge, the Berdyansk Zoo Safari conducts the action! 1st 2nd and 3rd September ticket price for all only 100...

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Pink flamingos settled in Safari

In our zoo there were new pets - two pairs of pink flamingos.

These incredibly tender and beautiful creatures came to us they are literally the...

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Bengal tigress Asira again became mother

Friends, we have a real sensation!

August 7, our white Bengal tigress Azira again gave birth! And this is despite the fact that, as a rule, tigers...

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In the family of globular pigs replenishment (video)

In the family of the Vietnamese piggybacked pig four babies were born. Now the regime of the day of the new large family is divided into two parts:...

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The latest news from a pack of white wolves

We often tell you about important events in our zoo. For example about the fact that babies are born or that we have someone new. And today we want...

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Master class on Make Up from Sonya

Our Sonechka is a true lady! Whatever you say, and the main female deception is to make yourself look as if you are not made-up, but beautiful;)

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Season of smiles in Safari

Sincere, cheerful smile ☺ appears on the face only in moments of genuine joy. Communicating with animals, people experience this. Capuchins and...

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Safari from a bird's-eye view (video)

Now you can see the safari from a bird's-eye view. On the fifth floor of our new building you can see a live panorama of the entire park, including...

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Dear friends and fans of our zoo! We want to know your opinion

There is an idea that we want to implement in our zoo. As you know, volunteering in the zoo is a widespread world practice that allows people who...

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