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Zoo Burger is the first children's restaurant with a super playground!

Zoo Burger is the first children's restaurant with a super playground! Small visitors will especially love this entertaining and informative corner....

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Два сюжета от телеканала 1+1 о наших новорожденных львятах

Рождение малышей в Сафари это всегда большое событие не только для нас, но и для всех друзей, гостей и поклонников Сафари. На днях у нас побывали наши...

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March cubs :)

Friends, we are glad to inform you that we have a new addition. This time four African lions were born, three girls and one guy. See the video for the...

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Love Is In The Air - Sonya vs Larry (video)

Love is in the air ... Winter always seems a little too long and protracted. Imagine how long it seems to our baby? They missed for warmth and...

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Happy Birthday Nika!

We have a holiday today, but rather anniversary. Our favorite chimpanzee Nika already 10 years old. Especially for the birthday girl and her friends...

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Prince Mufasa: 2 months

Mufasa was born on November 7 last year. It so happened that the first months of his life coincided with the first months of winter, the cold and...

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Christmas in Safari

And here again a replenishment of the kids! At this time the family of llamas guanaco. Meet the new-born baby :) She was born on January 8, and as you...

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Amil Amir and Ariella four months later

Our white tigress Azira actually like all tigers, the first months of holding close to their kids. Three of them - two boys and a girl. During the...

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Фотография шимпанзе Сони

Classes in painting in autumn school for chimps

For the animal, as well as for humans, it is very important to develop throughout life. Interested in anything to try themselves and improve their...

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Фото Лисы, маленькой львицы зоопарка «Сафари», Бердянск

Lisa-hunter (3 months)

Time is running Lisa is growing, and now it is! Belushi will catch up soon, but for now trains at the ducks! A small pond was a favorite place of...

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