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History Safari begins its countdown to 2004, when he first appeared in the city of Berdyansk zoo created by Igor Kalchenko. This is the first and only project of its kind implemented in the years of independence in Ukraine, a private individual.

Prior to this only other zoos came on tour in Berdyansk, and the state itself will never take the initiative in terms of creating an exotic zoo, in the resort town.

The history of the zoo is unique, because it really is an example of how a childhood dream becomes a matter of life under the great support of relatives and friends.

In 2007, the "Safari" construction of a zoological park was started in the coastal area of ​​Berdyansk. Based on the best practices in this area, it was designed and built cages for the first zoo pets.

Construction lasted two years. Former wasteland transformed before our eyes. Appeared, streets, lanes and alleys. They planted dozens of new, exotic trees, shrubs and flowers, uncharacteristic for this area. Garden of continuous bloom was formed, in which some plants passed the baton to other plants and flowers from March to November. They were dug up and ennobled by two remarkable ponds inhabited by a variety of water birds, rodents and turtles.

In 2009, the opening of the zoo and came the first visitors and guests. Tigers, lions and bears were the pioneers of the Himalayan Safari. After them came a lot of birds, small rodents, primates and great apes. But the construction on it has not been completed, because every year we have new pets appear, and accordingly new cages and houses and winter roads for them.

In 2014 there were two remarkable giraffe Tamba and Yaya, who come a long way from the Czech Republic settled in a specially built for them with all European standards home. Incredibly sociable and friendly Africans with long necks immediately chosen as the local gourmet willow trees and have become favorites of our guests.

In March 2016 we were visited by two zebras from the Czech Republic, and then two more from Slovakia. And in the future we plan to merge with zebras giraffes on a vast territory, which is similar to their distant homeland in Africa.

In April 2016, seven years after opening we have been awarded the title "Best zoo in Ukraine" and became one of the business cards of his native city.

In August 2016 Safari was named the best place according to TripAdvisor rating that travelers should visit in Berdyansk. We got the Certificate of Quality based on high ratings and positive reviews of guests who have visited our zoo.

For seven years, the Zoo "Safari" added dozens of new species of animals from all over the world. We are in touch with 26 zoos in Europe, whose pets at one time moved to our Safari. Besides comfortable accommodation, contribute to the fact that we are constantly born babies. The same factor was the reason that Safari is now the largest population of predatory felines (lions and tigers) and Himalayan bears.

We are always glad to see visitors and our doors are open all year round and every day.

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